Ann & Ben

Ann & Ben


Passionate about growing and creating delicious 100% organic plant-based whole foods in harmony with Mother Nature. Join us on our food journey and work with us!

For us, the most direct way in which we can eat our way to better health while at the same time taking better care of Mother Earth is by offering 100% organic, mostly plant-based food, grown and created in a friendly, respectful and mindful environment. This is how we feel we are being part of the solution. Every small scale contribution to this solution will eventually make a huge difference to the health of our planet.

And what a miraculous planet it is – the perfect coming and going of seasons, the ebbs, the flows, the moon waxing and waning. Each cycle brings its own gifts of abundance. Even more or a miracle is it, that fruit and veg in the height of its harvest time, is also at it’s nutritional peak, as well as the most juicy and delicious. Exactly what our bodies need and our cravings tell us!

The best way for us to be in tune with this big magical cycle of life is by getting our hands in the earth and growing our own food. When the kitchen and the garden are united, a beautiful alchemy happens. The plant waste from the kitchen becomes the rich soil in which the plants grow. And the harvest becomes the kitchens biggest source of inspiration.

The versatility of the plants we grow and eat is endless: there are so many ways in which we can transform them into a myriad of dishes, so many ways of preserving them, drying, fermenting. Countless ways to explore ingredients, that are not only delicious, but nourish the body and even support healing from serious diseases.

We believe that if you eat well, if you eat the way that our Creator has intended us to, your body will respond accordingly: vibrant health, a spark in your eyes, a clear mind, more alignment with and sensitivity to the forces of nature that move us.

The result is an exciting and fulfilling food journey in a vibrant, living kitchen. Natural plant-based ingredients take the center stage in order to fulfill their absolute potential. And when such ingredients are shining, they’ll constantly impress you, improve you and inspire you – and best of all – in the most delicious ways!

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