Conscious Being Retreats

Join our holistic wellness retreats in Ibiza go beyond boosting our physical health:
These programs promote mental focus, inner calm, and self-realization.

Conscious Being Retreats is a wellbeing retreat based in Ibiza, set in an idyllic villa overlooking the sea. A wonderful opportunity for personal development taking in the natural wonders and enjoying enough distance from everyday life for a little perspective check.

As part of the retreat, we will practice morning yoga & mindfulness meditation; emotional well-being & conscious living seminars. Additionally, we offer a top range of holistic health & wellness treatments which will assist you in this transformational week.


Transformational Retreats

Conscious Being Retreats
it´s an invitation to give yourself space & time as you slow down and disconnect from your daily routine in order to know yourself deeper.  


What Our Clients Say About Us

I am and forever will be thankful for Satya Morillas for this unforgettable, touching week! Thanks to conscious being retreats I went back home re-energised, bursting with inspiration, love and joy! Because after this experience I will always know... No matter what life throws at me, I will be ok! Because just like an eagle, I will be able to rise above every storm life throws.

If you're soul searching or you want to hit pause for just a minute to recharge and get to know your spiritual self, then you should consider Conscious Being Retreats.


Shadee Brawn

Satya is so sweet, honest, inspiring, beautiful and holds a magic space to grow in your own way and time!
The Yoga & Art of Awareness retreat of Satya & Malaika was in one word FANTASTIC! I loved every minute of it! It started with a very warm beautiful welcoming ceremony to tune in to this moment, honouring the place, the earth, fire, water and ether. Creating a sacred spiritual space to be completely yourself! The Yogaclasses where divers and suitable for all levels, beautiful meditations and the workshops added value to this week. And then the food of Pachamamaorganic... every day beautiul, tasteful, colourful vegan or vegetarian meals, made with so much care and lots of singing! 

Rosan Oosteron

In my time on the retreat, I had the chance to experience so much beauty, joy and the chance to truly tune into myself. The chance to step away from the day to day allowed me greater clarity in how I want to live my life along with new tools to navigate life challenges. I met some extraordinary people that since have become friends.
The retreat villa was stunning with infinity pool and sea views. The environment that was created was so unique and special it allowed people to release there inhibitions and truly be themselves. Highly recommend to those want to escape but also to deeply reconnect. It’s a perfect reset button!


Jennifer Mcniven

Satya is an excellent human being and teacher. I am grateful for her wisdom, vision, and presence in my life and highly recommend her retreats as a way to go deeper into knowing and loving yourself more.
Thank you, Satya

Ines Manchado.

Compartir con Satya mi primera experiencia de acupuntura ha sido todo un placer. Siempre atenta y delicada, se preocupó en todo momento de que me sintiera cómoda. Al tocar algunos puntos sentí una instantánea descompresión y a través de la respiración conseguí entrar en una profunda relajación. Cuando salí de su consulta me encontraba mucho más agusto, tanto física como anímicamente. Volveré.


Anita de AustriaFotografo profesional, Ibiza

Thank you Satya.  I am so grateful for the treatment I had with you. I had never had acupuncture before and was feeling a little timid.  Not only did you help me feel so relaxed and comfortable, but my ankle problem that had been ailing me for so long completely healed after seeing you and has never been a problem since!  You are amazing!

Francie FishermanYoga teacher.

Satya is a wonderful teacher I have attended many of her classes and recommend her for all levels, her approach is gentle but the class was also challenging but very relaxing too - so all round great class

Jacqueline DunnYogi, Wellness Coach

I have had the beautiful pleasure of taking many classes with Satya, both mindfulness yoga and hooping. She has a graceful and warm presence that welcomes all people at any level of their practice...reminding them to have fun but to appreciate where they are at this moment in time. Satya is fun, playful, and has a deep knowledge of her teachings...allowing others to learn, expand and connect on many aspects. I highly recommend working with Satya and embracing the gifts she has to share.

Jen MacNivenInternational photographer and yoga instructor.
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