Emotional Wellness, Ibiza

According to a study, people generally turn to gym memberships for restoration, but no amount of weight loss is going to help us get our heads on straight. Sometimes, the only answer is a solid break from our everyday life to consciously focus on our personal development.

For just this reason, Satya Morillas, co-founder of “Conscious Being Retreats” company based in Ibiza, Spain, likes to introduce this wellness-inspired travel.

She says. “Mindfulness and emotional well-being have become increasingly important in a time when constant connectivity can leave us exhausted and overstimulated,”
“Being mindful and travelling go hand-in-hand, as one is encouraged to be present in the moment in order to fully switch off and appreciate [new] surroundings.

We can’t change the state of the world or our families, but we can change our mindsets.

To feel good about ourselves, to live life according to our heart, to grow in love and awareness, we need to know ourselves deeply and take responsibility, to review our mechanisms of protection, to heal our hearts, to embrace our vulnerability, to embrace with tenderness and Compassion our wounded inner child and empower our resources to support the transformation process.

It’s important to realign our intentions and find clarity by relaxing and re-treat ourselves surrounded by nature and inspiring people.

Conscious Being Retreats is an invitation to give yourself space & time as you slow down and disconnect from your daily routine in order to know yourself deeper.
It´s an opportunity to investigate our conditioning by looking deeper into our thoughts and repetitive patterns that are not serving our highest good.
The ultimate intention of our retreats is for you to go back home with more inner-peace, more self-love and a deeper understanding of how to navigate your life.

Come and join us for this incredible exploration in Ibiza, this is a priceless gift to yourself.

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Satya Morillas Mir