Yoga Retreat Ibiza – 15th – 22nd August 2020

Yoga Retreat Ibiza – 15th – 22nd August 2020
15th to 22nd August 2020

Yoga & Conscious Living Retreat Ibiza

Are you longing to have some quality time for yourself, to take a break from the everyday grind and routine and take time for your own well being and nurture your dreams?

What do we offer?

We are offering a life-transforming experience where you can relax, heal, grow and gain clarity on your life purpose while clearing any limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from living your dream life with better health, joy, & enthusiasm. This is not about being average; this is about being extraordinary in your expression of who you truly are!

Take the time to retreat from daily responsibilities and give the space to fully embody your true nature. You will be supported to open all your senses, to listen deeply to your inner knowing and leave with a whole new level of self-awareness, self- love and self- confidence with new found tools and perspectives opening you up to infinite possibilities for your next steps on your journey.

This retreat creates the space and environment for people to entirely shift your perspective on life, improve your attitude, gain clarity on your direction and come to a new level of self- awareness, confidence, self-love – and so much more.


What is Conscious Living?

Cultivating awareness, observing our repetitive patterns.  Looking at how these patterns are affecting our lives and relationships and investigating new ways of relating.

We are offering a life-transforming experience where you can relax heal, grow and gain clarity on your life purpose whilst gearing any life-limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from living your dream life with better health joy and enthusiasm.

Join us for 7 days of Ibiza sunshine,  3- hour daily yoga practice, daily self- development workshops and delicious vegetarian meals.  This retreat has been designed so you get to have time to reflect, gain clarity on your direction and come to a new level of self- awareness, confidence, self-love – and so much more.


Classes & Workshops

The Yoga: Will be 2 hour Morning yoga class every day together with Mindfulness meditation practices including Pranayama (breath control).  Will follow a different theme each day which will be designed to fit with the evening self-development workshop or Yin Yan Yoga class in the afternoon 

The Workshops: We will be running workshops which will enhance our conscious living theme and inner inquiry.


Partner Yoga 

Partner Yoga 

Partner Yoga is two or more people joining together to deepen the impact and experience of a yoga practice. The primary component that differentiates partner practice from individual practice is touch. We touch and are touched by others. We use traction and leverage, and the kinesthetic awareness that comes from touch, to open to greater depths in our bodies and our psyches.

Although Partner Yoga is a newly emerging practice, it has ancient roots in Tantric linages. Tantra, like Partner Yoga, is a word with many misconceptions, including that it is all about sex and for lovers only.

The word Tantra however, essentially means to weave, and the core of its philosophy is using everything that we relate to as the part of the path. Partner Yoga also holds the philosophy of using relationship as a tool for awakening to our true nature.


Hoop Yogini 

Hoop Yogini

Hoop yogini is holistic fitness integrating hula hooping with Hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation. Utilizes the modern adult-size hula hoop for flow, self awareness and as a funtional tool to strenghen and stretch the body. Explores the organic relationship betwen the spontaneous spiral experience of hoop dance and the more linear of hatha yoga.

The circular nature of the hoop gently encourages movement, freedom of expresion, concious day dreaming (a lost art for most adults!). Stretching with the hoop in a familiar hatha yoga patterns releases mental & phisical tension and develops present-moment awareness.

In this class we will experience spinal awakening series, standing flow postures that tones the core and move the spine in it´s full range of motion thus improving posture and releive back pain. Then we will link this moves into an expresive and beautiful dance.

The program is offered to all genders.
No previous hoop or yoga experience is required.


Mindfulness Yoga

Mindfulness Yoga  Yoga means Union, helps to unite body, mind and spirit to reach a state of total awareness. Mindfulness Yoga incorporates meditation  into the practice. It is a conscious living choice. Uses Yoga & Meditation as tools for observation and as way of realizing and learning about ourselves at deeper levels.

Mindfulness Yoga invites you to:
Tune into your body, observe your mind, cultivate awareness, be more present, reduce stress, develop ways to encourage inner listening, learn how to deal with negative emotions transforming your vision and life by changing the relationship with your experience.

From that place of calm and presence, blend asana, meditation, movement and stillness, encouraging inner listening as the portal to the mystery beyond form. Move into a slow gentle yoga flow that blends the precision and alignment of Iyengar with the fluidity and creativity of vinyasa plus the introspection and depth of mindfulness meditation.



Conscious Living Seminar To feel good about ourselves, to live life according to our heart, to grow in love and awareness.

We need to know ourselves deeply and take responsibility, to see beyond our conditioning, to see our blind patterns, to review our mechanisms of protection, to heal our hearts, to embrace our vulnerability, to embrace with tenderness and Compassion our wounded inner child and empower our resources to support the transformation process.

We will learn to manage the emotional body: the armor, wounds, lack, reactive patterns, expectations, fears and blockages that prevent you from flowing, appreciate the unique being you are, be more loving and respectful with yourself, feel free and deserving Life and Love.


Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation helps us to develop a deep state of mental calm and  and create space for a deep vision of reality. Mindfulness is to be aware of our thoughts, emotions and actions in the present without any judgement or interpretation. Is an opportunity to wake up from the automatic pilot of our patterns and reactions, to create space to respond rather than react to life challenges.

The mind is like and instrument that needs to be tuned; Tuning the instrument, harmonizes its function in the way that optimizes the wholesomeness and wellbeing and minimizes our aggression and fears in a way that allows us to interact, resonate and connect with others, our needs, and the environment and rest in that place of stillness regardless of the chaos that might swirl around us.

Meditation is where healing and transformation meet to guide us back home to our hearts.





Each day we will begin with the physical exploration or asana practice as part of our practice is to awaken the body and the mind so we can delve deeper within. We will explore some slow and graceful flows together to drawer toxins out of the body and unravel the layers that we keep hidden. Each day our practice will be different focusing on the journey of the chakras as a focus for our practices to allow us to move within this journey of awakening through the body from the root to the crown.

Each day we will be dropping in deeper to listening and cultivating a practice that is best suited for each individual so you will continue to practice post retreat once you directly experience the benefits. Both of us are very much focused on alignment ensuring you will leave knowing exactly how to place your body to achieve the most from your practice. Whilst one of us teaches the other will adjust so we will always be there to support and guide you.

Yin Yan Yoga

Yin Yan Yoga


Yin Yan Yoga

Isabelle will facilitate YIN YANG YOGA a session that she created and helped her to heal from a chronic neck and shoulder pain.  It’s a combination of deep relaxation of the muscles, increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility (in a.o. hip, back and shoulders) and active asana’s and Vinyasa flow for core stability.  This combination reduces tension in lower and upper back.   I give a lot of attention to the correct performance of the asanas to avoid injuries and improve a right body posture. Isabelle says: “My students tell me they feel more relaxed, stronger and experience more space in their body and mind after the classes.

Prana Vinyasa Yoga

Prana Vinyasa Yoga

Prana Vinyasa Yoga

Prana Vinyasa has been developed by American born teacher Shiva Rea from over 25 years of teaching and a lifetime of study and practice. It´s a creative, dynamic yoga-flow on the rhythm of our breath and body to live in flow with the pulse of life.

Prana Vinyasa Yoga Connects you to the elements within your own body and to the flow of nature. It transforms a class into sadhana, or ritual meditation. We are natural beings who should be living as part of the natural world, and the practice of Prana Vinyasa honours and nurtures this truth.


Set in the south of Ibiza this stunning location offers the tranquillity and beauty of being next to the sea.
Our Retreat Villa is a modern Ibiza finca style with breathtaking sea-views overlooking the islands of Cala Compte.
Boasting stunning sunsets as evening- filling program.

The Decor is an eclectic mix of Balinese, Indian, African and Arabic pieces that fit perfectly in this unique Balearic house.  
The infinity Pool has a beach-like entry and jacuzzi.

The enormous common lounge is just stunning, all rooms are sea facing with a balcony or garden with air conditioning and wifi facilities.
There are plenty of opportunities in and around the house to retreat for peace, you can find time to relax and have some me time as well as sunbathing around the pool or just floating in one of the poolside hammocks.

-5 min from Cala Bassa/ Cala Compte/ Cala Tarida.
-20 min from the airport/ 30 min from Ibiza Town.


Yoga way of Life Relax, Boost,Wake up

Facilities:  Pool, Wifi, air conditioning.

The Food
Brunch and dinner will be provided by our amazing chefs by Pachamama Organic and is fully vegetarian/vegan.
They are passionate about growing & creating delicious mostly organic and plant-based whole foods in harmony with Mother Nature.

What’s included
10 x Yoga, Meditation & breathing practices
3x Workshops
1 x Sunset mediation (we will drive to one of the most magnetic and mystic spots of the island  for this treat)
Daily brunch & dinner & mid-afternoon snack, teas and water

What’s not included
Transfer (Taxi or buses go from the airport)
1 dinner out together

Services and Therapies:  Massage, Acupuncture, Auriculo-therapy, Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage), Thai massage, craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, reflexology, Osteopathy, Byron Katie enquiry coaching


Price per person, includes accommodation food & daily retreat programming
All are single beds that can be converted in double bed if needed

1100€ – To share 2 people
2000€ – Single use

Room 7 Garden view
1000€ – 3 people
1200€ – 2 people

Room 6 & 5 Garden view
1200€ – To share 2 people
2200€ – Single use

Room 4 Garden view
1400€ – To share 2 people
1200€ – To share 3 people

Room 2 & 3 Sea view double room
1300€ – To share 2 people, single beds
2400€ – Single use

Master room
1600€ – To share 2 people
1300€ – To share 3 people

 * Early bird 100€ discount till 31st January 2020* 

To secure your place, you must pay €500 deposit.

Pay €500 deposit

Pay full amount

REFUNDS: Please view our cancellation policy for any further information. 

We would love you to join us x



Day Schedule example

8:00 – 10:00 – Morning Grounding Yoga Practice & Meditation

10:30  -Brunch

12:00-17:00 –Treatments  or free time

17:00- 18:30- Workshop 1

19:00 -Dinner

20:30 – Sunset walk

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