Acupuncture – Balance Method


Acupuncture restores the energy balance and regulates body functions, acting on the circulation and the nervous system.

According Chinese Traditional Medicine illness is caused when the Chi (vital energy) doesn’t flow properly throughout the body. It can treat all types of major ailments, improves physical vitality and the emotional and psychological well-being of the patient.
Is specially useful for conditions where there is an accumulation of chi, such as a chronic or acute pain, digestive problems, stress, muscle or joint injury, muscle spasm, inflammation.

The body has a complex system of connections, formed mainly by nerves and blood vessels. Acupuncture uses its system of meridians, holographs, microsystems, etc., to describe the functional organization of these connections and be able to relieve pain and improve body and the emotional body functions.

This method of work, corresponds to the ideas of the Acupuncture system of the Tung family and of the Balance Method of Dr. Tan. Both are very effective systems, which use accessible and powerful “distal” points, generally in the arms and legs (with the comfort for the patient of not having to undress), with the ability to obtain instant and lasting results in the treatment of pain.

Satya Morillas

Acupuncturist & TCM Specialist.
Graduate of ECAN (International Natural Acupuncture)
Balance Method and Distal Acupuncture.